Scott Stapp goes to Japan

1yr ago yesterday, our friends in Japan suffered a catastrophe of epic proportions. 16 thousand men, woman and children died as a result of a massive earthquake induced Tsunami. To put it in perspective, that is nearly the equivalent of a sold out sports arena.
The US took the lead role to aid our Japanese friends during this time of crisis. It will take Decades to clean and rebuild, and a lifetime left to provide food and shelter for the survivors.
We will not forget the orphans, widows, and families that lost every possession they had ever known. Their friends, families, food, clothes, home, job, community, even the air that they breath.
God bless all those at the US Embassy, and our troops on the ground that provided medical care, meals, shelter, clothing, safety and security to suffering Japanese people who survived.
The US Embassy and the USO in Japan are making it possible for Jaclyn and I to spend time with both the victims of the tsunami and the American troops that came to their aid last year. We will be visiting children and other victims of the Tsunami, leading music therapy sessions, meeting with Japanese artists, and aid workers to hear their stories, show our support, and promote fundraising. We hope to continue to raise awareness for this crisis that began a year ago.
I will also be playing a show or two for our troops. We want to let them know we appreciate the hard work, compassion, and sacrifice that is required for such an extraordinary humanitarian relief effort. Jaclyn and I will keep you updated, sharing our journey with you.
Let’s figure out how we all can help.
Click the link below and stay tuned. We’re leaving on the 13th of this month.


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