From Tresa, FC Review Winner

Thank you, everyone for the good wishes! I truly wish the same for every true Scott/CREED fan!

I am in absolute gratitude for this blessing! I could never deserve it, but I will be forever thankful for it! I truly owe everything to E at PBF, and she knows it!

Scott’s life, words, and heart have blessed, healed and transformed my life in so many ways. CREED music is a powerful force for good in this world, and Scott and CREED already have blessed me every day through the gift of FULL CIRCLE! I have every CREED sound and word I can get on record, but FULL CIRCLE is most special to me. It is so deep, honest, and sacred.

I can only say THANK YOU for EVERYTHING! I am always with you!

One correction, I live in Abilene, TX!

Blessings always!



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